Client Instructions

for Telehealth Sessions With Dr. Z

STEP 1: Schedule your Telehealth appointment with Dr. Z by calling (678) 554-5632 or filling out the Appointment Request.

STEP 2: Prior to your telehealth session with Dr. Z, download the appropriate application for your device.

STEP 3: Have your credit card number ready to update your records, if your card information has changed since your last session with Dr. Z.

STEP 4: Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an email from regroupCONNECT ™ with the date and time of your appointment and the PIN number to enter the session.

STEP 5: A few minutes before your scheduled session, enter your session here:

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES? If you cannot connect for any reason from your phone, tablet or computer at the time of your session, please call (678) 554-5632 and Dr. Z will call you back immediately at the phone number you'll provide.

For iPhone, please download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app from the Apple Store. Use your iPhone to download.

For Android phones, please download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app from Google Play. Use your phone to download.

For your PC or Mac, download the Zoom Client for Meetings app from the link above. You will only need to download it the first time you connect with Dr. Z.

If you accidentally delete Zoom Client from your computer after your first session with Dr. Z, and need to reinstall it for your next session, simply come back to this page and download it again.

Technical support to Telehealth With Dr. Z is provided by regroupCONNECT ™ with industry standard encryption and protected health information based on the protocols and requirements of HIPAA compliance.
regroupCONNECT ™ has the reputation to be one of the most reliable providers of video services for healthcare in the world.