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Please note that selecting a day and time for your appointment does not imply that your preferred day or time is currently available. We will contact you to confirm the exact day and exact time of your appointment, and discuss an alternative day/time if your preference is not available.

Note: It is more cumbersome to try to set an appointment with you via email. Phone is faster and more accurate.

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Use the Appointment request form to schedule live sessions with Dr. Z at his office or telehealth sessions via online video or telephone (current or former clients only). Specify on the form which type of session you are requesting. If you are a current or former client, learn more about telehealth.

What happens when you send this form?

This form is transmitted via email to my office as soon as you click Send.  As soon as possible, most probably within a few hours, we will give you a call at the phone number you specified.  If you do not answer, we will not leave a message unless you have specified that it is okay for us to do so.  This is to help protect your privacy.

We will attempt to accommodate your preference as to the day and time of your appointment, if at all possible. If the day and/or time you prefer is already taken, we will talk to you about another day/time that may be available and that may also fit your schedule.

Depending on the service you need, we may ask you to fill out certain forms in advance of your appointment.  If this is the case, you will be directed to the page on our website where you may download the forms, or they will be emailed directly to you upon request.

If you have any questions about an appointment you have already made, or you need to change it, please email us at appointments at or call (678) 554-5632.

Dr. Z does not take insurance

Dr. Z is an out-of-network provider. Please review this information on out-of-network coverage.

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