A 10-module anger management training course with a Biblical perspective, for Christians and non-Christians who are interested in integrating their anger management approach with the wisdom of God's teachings. Each of the ten modules is designed to be easy to read, simple to follow, and immediately applicable to your situation. A few modules include homework to be completed and emailed back to Dr. Z. The course includes a personal anger management plan that can be fully customized to fit your specific needs.

This is a lecture on the subject of dealing with hurtful behavior in our most important relationships. Renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Mark W. Baker addresses the psychological defense mechanism of denial and explains how good people of high moral values can act out of character at times. The damage caused from betrayal, dishonesty and selfishness in our most trusted relationships can take a lifetime to heal. Learn why others have surprised you with their bad behavior, and some reasons why you may have acted out of character yourself in the past.

Most people spend the majority of their lives earning money and pursuing financial security. While money is important, psychological research has shown that beyond the poverty level it is completely uncorrelated with happiness. So why is money the major reason people fight in marriage? Because it has both tangible AND symbolic meaning to all of us. This lecture by renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Mark W. Baker explores the many possible meanings money can have for you, and the multitude of ways you can end up in fights over it with the most important people in your life.

In this lecture renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Mark W. Baker addresses the epidemic in our society of affairs in marriage. It is estimated that 40% of men and 25% of women have affairs and the damage caused to American homes by their infidelity can not be calculated. Learn why good people have affairs, what the signs are and what you can do about it if it has happened to you. Few people set out to have affairs and almost everyone who has one believes it is wrong, which is why we need to be aware of the danger signs and protect our marriages now more than ever.

This is one of renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Mark W. Baker’s most popular lectures. Learn why conflict is essential in your intimate relationships and how to become a better person because of it. This lecture includes practical suggestions for resolving conflict and dealing with anger in loving ways.

What are the essential elements in a secure and close relationship with someone? Renowned clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Mark W. Baker will tell you in this one hour recording. In this lecture you will learn how empathy is different from sympathy, closeness is different from being around someone all the time, and how love is more than a feeling. If you can master the three keys to better relationships you will most likely live longer, have fewer physical and emotional problems and eventually die a more satisfied person with your life.


An easy to read, concise paper on how to create a good marriage that is a safe haven for both spouses. In its fold, both partners come to feel emotionally secure and emotionally stable. They become physically, emotionally and cognitively connected to each other. There is no challenge or difficulty that cannot be confronted and successfully managed together, as a couple. In the safe haven of marriage, each spouse feels freer to be truly herself or himself. Both partners learn to make adjustments  to better fit their personality to the other, and over time these changes become almost effortless, are positively motivated, and are long-lasting. Neither feels compelled to be significantly different from his or her true self.