Looking for what really matters and motivates in life? Meaning and motivation address basic human questions whose answers can have a significant effect on happiness and well-being. These constructs can be incorporated in one’s daily life within the context and with the help of positive psychology. To make an appointment with Dr. Z, call (678) 554-5632 or fill out the online appointment request. We can go over your current situation, identify the ways in which the quest for meaning or low motivation are affecting your life and that of your loved ones, or how current conflicts are impairing these relationships. We will put some dimensions to the problem, and identify your current resources that may be applied toward meaningful and lasting change. If additional resources and skills are needed, we will treat your severe symptoms and help you feel calmer and increase your ability to choose the most appropriate response to each situation. Treating family of origin or current conflicts is feasible, it’s proven to be effective, and has helped many people who had a variety of different symptoms and challenges. Call and make your appointment today and we can get started!