Why Dr. Z? “I am well trained in clinical psychology and I have a long experience in the application of its most useful theoretical approaches and procedures. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In my cognitive-behavioral treatment, I incorporate key psychoanalytical principles such as addressing patients’ avoidance or psychological defenses, exploring emotions and fantasies, identifying recurring themes or patterns, and discussing the therapy relationship. It is my experience that the exclusive use of pure CBT methods such as teaching skills and strategies or assigning homework can only produce limited results. I believe all clients should be able to speak freely, in addition to learning practical exercises or new skills; that they should be able to explore their feelings in depth, instead of focusing solely on their thoughts; that they should examine how past and present are interrelated, instead of focusing only on current events. By combining CBT and psychoanalysis I seek to address root problems and current circumstance, so that my clients may begin to feel better immediately while obtaining lasting results. As an added layer of experience, I came to psychology from an extensive and successful career in business management at the highest levels of large organizations. My ethical and moral values rest on the wisdom of the Christian faith, and I am respectful of each client’s desire to integrate their own personal beliefs into the experience of counseling. My style is results-oriented, solution-focused, and time-sensitive with a genuine concern and empathy for each individual and each unique situation.”
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