Telehealth With Dr. Z

Telehealth and telephone counseling can be flexible and convenient. It allows current and former individual clients or couples to have the flexibility, comfort and convenience of receiving quality therapy from home or private office through encrypted, secure video conferencing or telephone. Dr. Z’s online counseling option makes it easier for current and former clients to receive quality services. Online and telephone counseling is available to deliver services to clients who may be unable to come in for a face-to-face session due to location, travel limitations, physical limitations, and other circumstances.

Online and telephone counseling can be simple and easy. For online counseling, all you need is a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer with a web camera and high-speed Internet or cellular service. A land line or cellular phone is sufficient for telephone counseling. No downloading of specific apps is necessary. Learn more

Important: For Current or Former Clients

Dr. Z: At this time, I prefer to offer this service to my current or former clients, with whom I have already established a working relationship in person. On a case-by-case basis, I may offer this service to others based on my evaluation of their particular situation. If you are a new client and wish to utilize this service, please contact me to discuss your situation.

How to schedule your online or telephone counseling session

If you are a current or former client and wish to schedule an online session with Dr. Z, please call (678) 554-5632 or use the online appointment request.

Technical Requirements

SMART PHONE & TABLET: Service is available via Doxy.me™ How does it work?
TABLET & DESKTOP: Service is available via Doxy.me™ How does it work?
LAND LINE OR CELL PHONE: Please provide Dr. Z with the number at which you wish to be called.

Online Counseling FAQs

Q: When are online or telephone counseling not an appropriate fit?
A: If you have not yet met with Dr. Z in person, online or telephone counseling cannot be scheduled until after your first face-to-face session. You cannot participate in a counseling session if you are driving your vehicle, which must be parked in a safe place with the engine turned off.

Q: What resources will I need to access online or telephone counseling?
A: For online counseling, a smart phone, table or desktop computer with a video camera, the ability to connect to broadband Internet and a quiet, private space where you can meet with Dr. Z without interruptions or privacy concerns. No downloading of specific apps is necessary. Learn more.
For telephone counseling, you must provide Dr. Z with a telephone number where you can be reached and can speak in privacy.

Q: How long are sessions?
A: An online or telephone counseling session is a minimum of 50′ in length, including connection time. If you need more time, you may schedule as much additional time as you wish based on Dr. Z’s availability.

Q: Are the online and telephone counseling fees the same as in person?
A: Yes, all fees for counseling sessions with Dr. Z are the same, whether online, by telephone or in person. See Dr. Z fees.

Q. How do I pay for my online or telephone session?
A. You must have a valid credit card on file with Dr. Z to schedule an online or telephone session. Your card will be charged after the session has been completed.

Q. What if I have more questions?
A. Please contact Dr. Z’s office for additional information, at (678) 554-5632.