Welcome! I look forward to meeting you in person at our first session. If you haven't scheduled it yet, please feel free to use the online appointment request form or call (678) 554-5632. If you have any questions about counseling, please review these frequently asked questions.  For psychotherapy, please review these questions. If you have a question about fees or policies, please review this information.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Client Forms

If you are a new client and have already made an appointment for counseling, psychotherapy, and EMDR please download, print and fill out the following 4 forms and bring them with you to your first session. Please call (678) 554-5632 if you have any questions.

1 - Informed Consent Form - The Informed Consent form is required of all clients (for couples, one for each person) and includes our policies and procedures as well as details on the  privacy and confidentiality safeguards that apply to all therapy sessions in accordance with state law.

2 - Personal Information Form - The Personal Information form is required of all clients (for couples, one for each person) and provides all the information needed for a thorough initial assessment of the client's symptoms and needs, as well as for later communication and billing purposes.

3 - HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices - The HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices form specifies your rights under HIPAA and is an acknowledgement that you have received the Notice. This acknowledgement is required by law.

4 - Credit Card Authorization Form - The Credit Card Authorization form is required of all clients (for couples, minors or families, responsible party only) and provides us with the necessary billing information.

Print for Your Records

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices - The Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we use your health records and what your rights and our responsibilities are regarding these health records. Please print an extra copy of this form for your records.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company About Out-of-Network Coverage

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