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my private practice

Counseling, Psychotherapy, EMDR,
Behavioral Coaching, and Behavioral Consulting

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Dr. Mark R. Zuccolo
Bellagio Psychotherapeutics

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for Individuals, Couples,
Adolescents, and Families

Individual counseling for individual adults and young adults.
Relationship counseling for dating, engaged, married couples.
Discernment counseling for those contemplating separation or divorce.


with Cognitive-
Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral treatment of adjustment, anxiety and panic,
social anxiety, phobias,obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar, depression,
PTSD and stress disorders.

Behavioral Coaching

for Executive Leadership,
Development, Advancement

Executive leadership coaching plans for all levels of management:
newly-promoted, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, star performers,
and C-level executives.

EMDR Therapy

for Emotional Trauma,
Abuse, or Severe Loss

Treatment of emotional trauma with EMDR for survivors of severe loss,
abuse, accident, war, catastrophe, with PTSD disturbances of functioning
and moderate to severe distress.

Behavioral Consulting

for Family-owned
or Christian-owned Businesses

Organizational development consulting for family-owned
and integrated spiritual/business consulting
for Christian-owned enterprises.

Hi, THIS IS Dr. Z. 
Welcome to my counseling, coaching,
and psychotherapy practice.
Dr. Mark R. Zuccolo, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Mark R. Zuccolo, PhD, LMFT

From knowledge comes truth, and from truth, freedom.

My work focuses on assessing and modifying dysfunctional individual behavior in complex interpersonal situations and challenges, in a variety of settings such as in single living, couples, families, work environments, and business organizations. My fundamental approach is cognitive behavioral, augmented by evidence-based clinical practices from other proven orientations, and informed by a close attention to the interactions of body, mind, spirit, relationships.

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