Spiritual Integration

I am a Christian. In my practice as a counselor and psychotherapist, I see clients of diverse Christian denominations, or clients who practice other religions, and clients who are not religious or not practicing at all. I do not discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs or the lack thereof. All individuals and couples, of whatever spiritual orientation, are welcome to take advantage of my clinical expertise. I give everyone the same undivided attention and provide my services to everyone to the best of my abilities. If and when my practicing Christian clients desire to integrate their religious beliefs into their treatment, I am more than happy to accommodate their request. In that case, and only upon the client’s request, my clinical practice may include spiritual integration.

What is spiritual integration?

The integration of faith and spirituality is a distinctive form of counseling in which the full resources, theoretical knowledge, and clinical methods of clinical psychology and psychotherapy are brought into closer contact with an individual’s Christian beliefs and practice. Spiritual integration provides a holistic approach to counseling and psychotherapy that honors and integrates the Christian spiritual dimension of each patient’s life and experiences. Spiritual integration does not substitute for sound clinical practice. It makes full use of the entire range of counseling methods available within the psycho-therapeutic disciplines. Spiritual integration in individual counseling is offered as an adjunct to the focus on the client’s clinical problems and cognitive-behavioral issues. Initial attention  is given to symptom reduction, followed by the implementation of therapeutic techniques aimed at identifying, addressing and resolving the primary causes of low functioning and emotional distress. If the practicing Christian client so desires, spiritual integration is offered as a way to incorporate and vivify the individual’s Christian beliefs, in order that they may become more relevant and helpful in his or her life, or in the life of the couple of which they are a part (see below). No attempt at spiritual integration is made prior to obtaining the client’s consent.

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For couples

How does spiritual integration in couples counseling work?
It often occurs that one spouse is a Christian and the other is not, or that one spouse practices more fervently than the other. Recognizing this, spiritual integration may or may not be indicated. Therefore, no attempt at spiritual integration in couples counseling is made prior to obtaining each spouse’s consent.