Family of Origin

Adults who, as children, have experienced any of the situations described in the following diagnostic categories for prolonged periods of time may find that these issues still play a role in their lives today. These disturbances may affect current intimate relationships, as well as the relationship with children, friends, peers or colleagues.

Conflict with parents

Parent-Child(ren) Relational Problems
Parent-child(ren) conflict, either in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, is more often than not solvable through communication, mutual understanding, conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Life is too short and relationships are too precious to allow a situation to fester without at least one serious attempt at fixing it. Sometimes, it is not possible to resolve the impasse, alter the status quo, or move forward in any way without the help of a skilled and impartial mediator. All that is required to get started is goodwill by all parties to come together and agree to be helped. Dr. Z has helped many families come together and resolve their difference through open dialogue, with a focus on the truth and validity of each point of view, and seeking to promote mutual acceptance.

Conflict among siblings

Sibling Relational Problem
Brothers and sisters, from the same genetic “recipe” provided by their common parents, turn out different. Different in personality, temperament, reactions, motivations, emotional make up, and more. That conflict should occur (and some competition thrown in for good measure) over differences of opinion is normal and usually resolves itself in adulthood. For the time when it doesn’t, some help may be needed to identify the barriers to communication, problem solving and conflict resolution that may stand in the way of siblings’ harmony. If a coach is needed to help all parties involved, Dr. Z stands ready to act as mediator, counselor, and safe listening partner.

Divorce in the family

(Adult) Child Affected by Parental Relationship Distress (Parents Divorced)
Dr. Z sees adult children of divorce who may still be affected by that life-changing event. If lower functioning and high distress in a person’s life can be traced to the disintegration of the family, help may be needed to restore the balance. Memories may need to be revisited and successfully transferred from the horror channel to the history channel. This kind or “archiving” is possible, it has a good rate of success and only requires the adult (or young adult from age 17 and up) to be willing to explore all aspects of he problem with Dr. Z.

Adopted or foster-parented

Upbringing Away From Biological Parents (Adopted, Foster Parented)
It is never too early or too late, especially after reaching adulthood and forming one’s own family, to revisit one’s origins. There is no penalty that should be attached to being adopted or foster-parented earlier in life. But there is some perceived societal stigma and some deeply personal, bothersome feeling of shame that may linger on. If that’s the case, a good intervention focused on narrative therapy may be very helpful in dispelling the dark cloud that hovers over the past. Dr. Z practices narrative therapy combined with CBT, which together have a good rate of success in rewriting an individual’s perceived personal history, and slanting it more toward the positive.

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