Counseling with Dr. Z

“I am well trained in clinical psychology and I have a long experience in the application of its most useful theoretical approaches and procedures. My ethical and moral values rest on the wisdom of the Christian faith, and I am respectful of each client’s desire to integrate their own personal beliefs into the experience of counseling. My style is results-oriented, solution-focused, and time-sensitive with a genuine concern and empathy for each individual and each unique situation.”

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Counseling Topics

Addiction (Non Chemical)  ▶ Anger Management  ▶ Change Management  ▶Emotional Regulation   
Emotional Intelligence  ▶ Emotional Trauma or PTSD  ▶ Family of Origin  ▶  Grief and Loss ▶ Guilt and Shame
▶ Life History and Life Crisis  ▶ Masculinity, Fatherhood  ▶  Meaning and Motivation ▶ Relationship Problems
▶ Attachment in Relationships  ▶ Spiritual Integration  ▶  Work and Career

Counseling Clients

"I'm experienced in counseling clients from all walks of life, from age 17 and up, regardless of their identity and origin."

Adult Men

Individual counseling for specific challenges and situations at home, in the workplace, in relationships.

Adult Women

Individual counseling for phase of life challenges, relationship difficulties, trauma.

Young Adults

Individual counseling for identity formation, peer pressure, relationship initiation, anxiety.

Dating/Engaged Couples

Couples counseling in negotiating the dating process, preparation for commitment and marriage.
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Married Couples

Couples counseling for committed relationships, for marriage repair or enhancement.
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Discernment counseling for couples considering or on the brink of ending their relationship.
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