Borderline Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions. For multiple choice questions where only one answer is required, select the answer that describes what happens most often. If you have trouble selecting just one answer, please narrow it down to a couple of possible answers, and then select the one that applies to you the most or most often.

For questions where multiple answers are acceptable, please check as many as apply to your situation.

1. I nearly always feel "empty."
2. I find that I often do one or more of the following: drive recklessly, engage in unsafe sex, abuse alcohol or drugs, binge eat, gamble or spend money recklessly.
3. Sometimes when I'm stressed out -- especially if someone has abandoned me -- I can get very paranoid, feel myself "spacing out" or dissociate.
4. I often idealize others, especially when I first meet them, and feel comfortable in sharing the most intimate details with them. But I often feel that these same people don't care enough and aren't there enough for me.
5. I'm sometimes very angry, extremely sarcastic and bitter, and feel like I have a hard time controlling this anger.
6. I've engaged in self-mutilating, self-harm, or suicidal behaviors, gestures or threats.
7. I often experience a sudden shift in the way I look at myself and my life, and completely change my goals, values and career focus.
8. I'm often afraid that others will abandon or leave me -- so I'll make frantic efforts to avoid this abandonment (even when it's not real).
9. My mood can shift between extreme periods of anxiety, depression or irritability in just a few hours or days.
10. My views of others -- especially those I care about -- can shift dramatically and without any warning.
11. I would say most of my romantic relationships have been very intense -- but not very stable.
12. I'm currently experiencing enough problems in this area of my life that it's negatively impacting my ability to go to school, work, be with friends or family, or have a romantic relationship.

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