Adult ASD

Please answer the following questions. For multiple choice questions where only one answer is required, select the answer that describes what happens most often. If you have trouble selecting just one answer, please narrow it down to a couple of possible answers, and then select the one that applies to you the most or most often.

For questions where multiple answers are acceptable, please check as many as apply to your situation.

1. I find it difficult for me to make and maintain friendships outside my immediate family
2. I find it difficult to establish and maintain romantic relationships
3. Some of my behaviors have the effect of making relationships more difficult
4. I don't know what to say or do to make my relationships better
5. I lose perspective when I try to be in a relationship
6. I find it difficult to listen to someone who's talking to me
7. I find it difficult to read people's facial expressions
8. I find it difficult to read people's gestures
9. It is hard for me to make and maintain eye contact
10. When I interact with people I get the feeling that I'm "missing" something
11. I misinterpret what people say, do or what they mean
12. I am very sensitive to...
13. I crave or seek...
14. I find it difficult to understand another person's perspective
15. I find it difficult to share another person's interests
16. I find it difficult to sympathize with another person's worries
17. It is hard for me to understand what others want, feel or think
18. I find it difficult to understand humor or find the funny in jokes
19. It is hard for me to start and maintain a conversation with someone
20. Sometimes when I talk to others, words seem to "disappear" from my mind
21. It is difficult for me to put my thoughts into words
22. It is difficult for me to put my feelings into words
23. I put all my focus on a single aspect of my life
24. I have only a couple of things that I'm really interested in
25. I am very knowledgeable about a single subject
26. When I discuss something, I like to get into the finest details
27. I repeat the same words, phrases, or behaviors when I'm stressed
28. I sing the same tune or jingle over and over
29. My conversations are often about nothing at all
30. I dislike traveling or moving to a new place
31. I refuse to try new foods at a restaurant
32. I follow the same schedule every day
33. I feel great discomfort if I'm forced to change my routine
34. It is difficult me for me to change my plans
35. I always follow the same route from one place to another
36. I have exceptional memory or recall skills
37. I excel well above average in one area of my life only
38. I have exceptional mathematical abilities
39. I have exceptional musical abilities
40. I can't sleep very well at all
41. I am often anxious or worried about things
42. I have a hard time controlling my temper when I am provoked
43. My mood changes quickly, even during the same day
44. I believe I may be suffering from depression
45. I use alcohol to make me feel better
46. I use marijuana to reduce stress
47. I use prescription drugs to reduce my anxiety or depression
48. All the answers I gave in this questionnaire were honest and truthful

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